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  1. I want to thank you guys for all your hard work & dedication, I’ve installed your 1.63 drivers & finally my DG card is functioning.The fact is there is a multitude of hardware out there GFx & audio cards & so on with the focus of the manufacturers being on sales & not support.This is very frustrating. I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet for solutions to driver issues for my onboard ASUS VIA sound to no avail, so I bought a Xonar DG only to repeat the experience. NVidia have also wasted much of my time due to their current drivers. Having said that I have a question relating to installing the Xonar DG , I have AC97 front panel wiring on my PC with individual Molex pin plugs, as you’re no doubt aware there is no pinout diagram for connecting to an AC97 front panel in the Xonar installation guide. I’ve searched for the info extensively & there are differing opinions of AC97 / HD Audio compatibility pinouts. I ended up using a pinout from an Intel reference website which seems to work although I have some static noise through my headphones when I connect to my FP jack. Can anyone tell me the correct pinout?

  2. Good advice if you love music don’t upgrade to windows 8 untill they patch the latency issues. there is alot of problems and im constantly getting static and many others are! i have the Asus Xonar Essence STX and a PC 363D and can’t use them to there ful potential because of such high latency with Windows 8.

  3. The download link for “7.1 virtual speaker shifter enhanced profile” is down… I googled it, but couldn’t find it anywhere else. Can you upload it again, please?

      1. The download link is still down for me. =/
        It shows the following error: “The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of broken or encrypted archives and the limit for this file has been reached. This file may only be distributed from a premium account.”
        i’d appreciate if you could upload it again, please.

      1. ok thx.. just recently got the DG, but couldn’t really differentiate between DG and the onboard ALC 887.. any heads up on is it whether my settings? i find the ALC 887 louder compared to the DG for my speakers..

        1. Perceived sound quality is depended on many factors like speakers, music quality, ear sensitivity & your “state of mind”. On thing’s for sure, there is a difference between DG and your onboard.
          The loudness is not a factor of quality.

          For proper settings read the FAQ: Q&A 9. What are best settings to achieve best audio quality and functionality from my (Xonar) card (updated 14.12.2012)?
          You might also install UNi Xonar with Cmedia Panel. There are reports that the sound quality is better than Normal (Asus Panel), you can read the comments above.

          1. wow thanks for such prompt reply! I didn’t just meant loudness, but tried both out and really cant differentiate .. alright will try it out 😀 hopefully able to change my perception towards it.

            btw how do you install both? the installer only can choose either 1.. if Cmedia, should i choose the 1 with GX?

            1. btw how do you install both? the installer only can choose either 1.. if Cmedia, should i choose the 1 with GX?

  4. I own the Asus Xonar DG but after installing the latest Uni Xonar, I can’t enable my rear microphone, it wants to use the front port which I don’t use?

  5. CarvedInside :
    Try uninstalling and installing drivers again. If not try with an older driver.
    What OS do you have?

    I have tried both UNi Xonar 1796 v1.54 and UNi Xonar 1815 v1.64 beta with different options selected, none will let me choose the microphone port.

    Windows 7 x64

    1. Its strange, at this point I don;t know if its a localized problem or something with these versions of UNi Xonar. Maybe someone else with a DG can confirm or deny this.
      If you install the Asus drivers now, the rear microphone option appears?
      Try with 1.53 and maybe do a driver cleaning like its presented in the FAQ Q&A1

      Btw use the Reply button on the comment and not Quote.

      1. I can confirm that the official Asus drives allow me to select “micrphone” or “front panel” as I have always done it before.
        1.53 is exactly the same even with driver cleaning. When I install UNi Xonar I also use the Asio 1.0 patch (that’s built in)

          1. Also, Front Panel won’t work for my headphones, I’ve tried the tool on here but it will not work. Asio4All blocks audio output for any other device, that’s why I was quite excited to use UNi Xonar.

  6. Hi guys, I have a 2.1 speaker setup. Two Creative T40s and a sub. The sub is connected to the center / subwoofer port on the back of my card. The only way I can get this to work though is by selecting 6 speakers.

    The problem that this causes though is in games, I do not hear the voices etc as they are expecting to come out of my non-existant center speaker.

    Is there a way to setup 2.1 speakers? e.g. speakers plugged into the front port and the sub plugged into the center / subwoofer port?

    I am currently using the C-media panel software and it is a Xonar D2X sound card.

      1. Windows 7 64 bit

        Also, to clarify, my sub is actually an audio transducer. This shouldn’t make any difference. But what I’m looking to achieve is sound out of my speakers and bass out of the transducer. The transducer gives off vibrations rather than raw sub bass and does this well. The only problem is how I can activate the sub channel with only two speakers.

        1. Try this: Install drivers with Re-enable stereo upmix or re-enable it with the standalone application if it was previously unchecked, and use the following settings: 6 speakers (system output) and 2 channels (system input).
          You might want also connect the subwoofer in the second jack (rear speaker jack) near front speaker jack.
          Let me know if this helped.

    1. 2.1 is not a configuration that is directly supported by the Xonar drivers. Most 2.1 speakers have a single stereo input and use a built-in crossover filter to separate the bass and feed it to the subwoofer.

  7. Also, my read speaker jack is the opposite end of my sound card. I’ve just checked the manual and the rear speaker jack is definately the amber coloured port, and the front is the green port. Is this where you would like me to connect the sub?

  8. 27.02.2012 : Win Vista/7/8 : Updated the workaround for Dynamic (fluctuating) volume when there are 2 or more active sound sources.Good years!?

  9. Hey, I have a question regarding the Xonar Audio Center. It automatically starts up when I turn my computer on but I always close it once my computer is loaded up. Does having the program turn on even once affect my DPC latency? And if so how do I turn it off? I’m still getting high DPC with the low DPC pack.

    1. It affects your DPC latency if in that Windows session the Audio Center is started and even if its closed afterwards, I’ve already stated this in the post above.
      If you would turn of Xonar Audio Center you would basically convert to Low DPC version. Better uninstall the drivers and install them again with the low DPC version. I’m not sure I understand but if you still got Xonar Audio Center autostart after rebooting when you’ve installed UNi Xonar with low DPC latency option, then let me know, of course with the complete details (OS, soundcard, driver version)
      There are multiple causes for higher DPC latency, by installing the UNi Xonar with Low DPC latency option you only solve the high DPC latency coming form the Xonar card & drivers.
      Regarding high dpc latency you can check and read theThe case of DPC latency article and also check the comments.

      1. Yes, the Xonar Audio Center does autostart after rebooting while I’ve installed the UNi Xonar with low DPC latency. I’m running WIndows 7 64bit Home Premium with a Xonar DX sound card. The driver version is I did however manage to fix my DPC latency after a few hours by downloading TuneUp Utilities and letting it optimize my computer. Though I would still like to know how to prevent Xonar Audio Center from autostarting, TuneUp doesn’t have a way to turn it off.

        1. I will check that out to see if there is a general or localized problem with Low DPC Latency in 1.64.

          To disable Xonar audio center autostartup go to Run(or Win+R)->msconfig->Startup tab -> Uncheck “CmiCnfg Dynamic…” -> Ok

  10. I love the Uni drivers. They are extremely versatile and wonderfully functional. I would be satisfied with my xonar dsx without them.

    I’m currently using the analogue outputs to connect to a sirus CM 5.1 headset. There are 3 analogues out. I was curious if it was possible to increase the db of the LFE via the registry alterations mention in the Unixonar tips section. Basically, I have a wonderful bass punch to the larger 40mm drivers in the headset via the CM usb mixing console, however it is lost when connection via analogue out to the DSX. Clarity is gained however and it would be most wonderful if I could find the best of both words via a bass boost.

    Also, this my be interesting to you, the Sirus headset is based upon the CMedia chipset. On aspect of the of the CM Sirus effects UI is that it has access to the Flexbass 2, which has a the usually crossover slider, but also a low frequency booster.

    Could flexbass 2 be intigrated into with the UNI package?

    Link to CM PACKAGE:

    Thank you again for your wonderful work!

    1. Hi. Don’t know if something like this is possible. I will try to take a closer look at the flexbass settings. I would suggest to try other methods to increase bass. One would be to increase the first 2(3) sliders of the Equalizer. Another method that you could try is increase volume to subwoofer from (for Xonar Audio Center: Mixer->Playback-> Woofer slider).
      Hope these will be of some help to you.

      Sirus headset has a different C-media chip and different driver architecture.It won’t be possible to use or integrate Flexbass 2 in the UNi Xonar drivers.

  11. Running the latest version on Win 8. Suddenly getting the “Hata Region Unload” popup message whenever I try to launch the audio center. (Asus Xonar DX). Any suggestions what to do when this starts happening?

      1. Didn’t change my language. Did install a few games SimCity/Deadspace 3… can’t think of anything other than that. Uninstalling and reinstalling a few times finally worked, thanks. I ran into this problem once before randomly seems to creep up (obviously something changing, but no clue what’s changing or what’s causing it).

  12. Hi there,

    I’ve been using Uni Xonar drivers for some time, as the original ones were making cracking noise all the time when using ASIO.
    One thing I noticed though is that when an application that uses ASIO takes control of the audio card, no other application is able to output any audio. For example, when I start Kontakt, I do get audio output from it, but my browser isn’t able to output any audio at all. Nonetheless, the Windows 7 soundmixer does show the audio levels for whatever is playing on Youtube.

    Is there anything I can do in order to prevent this from happening and to have sound on every application?

    1. Hi.
      Sorry, thats not possible with the current ASIO implementation.

      You might be interested in using Kernel Streaming or Wasapi (non-exclusive) instead of ASIO as output if the audio application or its plugins support this.

    2. I thought the whole point of ASIO was to give an application direct, un-shared access to the sound card for lowest possible latency.

  13. This driver is supposed to work on the HT Omega Claro 2 as stated “HT Omega Claro(Plus,2, Halo,e) Series”, but the installer doesn’t recognize my card. The only way I was able to install the drivers was to use the “1.64 Driver only.7z” I found in the comments with the “CMPCIP7.INF” from the official Claro 2 drivers “”

    When doing it this way, The driver seems to function fine and the upgraded C-Media Panel (from “Asus and Cmedia Panel Standalone Instalation.7z” ) functions correctly.

    BUT, the driver from “1.64 Driver only.7z” seems to be the “Low-DPC Latency” version, and not the C-Media version with GX enabled. (I like having EAX for older games.)

    Could you please update the installer to support the HT Omega Claro 2?

    As a side-note, the ASUS Audio Center doesn’t do anything at all (just closes immediatly, no messages or anything), but I guess that’s to be expected since it’s not an ASUS card.

    1. I will fix this. I am working of a new driver package and I will fix support for HTOmega Claro 2. But don’t know when it will be ready as I have other priorities at the moment. Hopefully you don’t have a problem waiting a bit longer.

      I don’t know why you copied CMPCIP7.INF and it worked because that file is for eClaro, CMPCIP9 is for Claro 2.

      Asus Audio Center works only on Asus cards.

      1. CarvedInside :
        I don’t know why you copied CMPCIP7.INF and it worked because that file is for eClaro, CMPCIP9 is for Claro 2.

        To clarify, I used the “CMPCIP7.INF” file from the Official HT Omega Claro 2 Drivers which correspond to this card. I Guess the numbering changed between versions or something.

        CarvedInside :Asus Audio Center works only on Asus cards.

        Ah, that’s what I figured.

        Anyway, thanks for the quick response and doing what you’re doing! Keep up the good work!

            1. A while back, I had posted a pack for the 1815 driver with valid signatures (incl the .inf files) for HT Omega Claro – Auzentech X-Meridian. Please search for my post.

              1. I found a few of your posts with links to files but the files had expired. Do you mind re-uploading the pack?

  14. hello,
    Will you reconsider releasing drivers for Phoebus in the future ?? I cant stand with Dolby Home Theater v4 in Phoebus..and lots of other Xear surround garbage… really missed the Dolby Headphone….. may be time to move in to STX ?

    1. Hello,

      Integrating Phoebus is the UNi Xonar drivers is not possible. Nor do I have no plans into modding Phoebus drivers. Sorry.

      If you decide to switch to “classic” Xonar cards, maybe its not such a good idea to buy a STX or any other pricey card, because obviously you don’t get what you pay for, nor did you with the Phoebus.

  15. For the c media installation how do I enable the headphone amplifier and is it possible that you could create a low dpc latency version that enables it and Eax?

    1. You can’t do that in C-media Panel, so you will need to launch the Asus Xonar Audio Panel (Start->All Programs -> Uni Xonar Driver) and change it from there.

      A Low DPC latency with GX (EAX) would defeat half of the purpose of the Low DPC Latency version, which is not running processes that would interfere. FYI practice dictates that running GX does more bad than good. If you need GX, use C-Media GX, you will roughly the same DPC latency. And if you really want, you can stop C-media from autostarting ( go to Run(or Win+R)->msconfig->Startup tab -> Uncheck “CmiCnfg Dynamic…” -> Ok) , thus converting this to Low DPC Latency with GX.

  16. Thank you for your work, I tried to get my TWO Asus Essense ST cards working but no luck.
    Now I start all over and can use some expert advice.
    I run Windows XP Pro and I need that because of the DOS option.
    Asus doesn’t give any support they plain lie to my face by saying XP is not supported!
    Well that might be so but according the specs it is! I have to buy Windows 7.

    What I need is to be able to play and record with this card simultaneous.
    I used Audacity and Adobe Audition VLC player before and that simple worked
    also on with higher sample rates. Now bought these cards (1 per computer ) especially for this kind of measurements, and now it turns out it cannot record cannot play higher sample rates and all Asus does is lying top my face.
    Is there anyone who ever got the measured the specs from and even came anywhere near what Asus is selling it for?

    Now I start with a new install of Win XP, with the on board sound disabled in the BIOS, after that wat do I install for the Asus card?

    Thanks for any help.


  17. CarvedInside :
    Try the latest UNi Xonar drivers, maybe it will work with them. Other than this, there isn’t anything we can do.
    This is the “great” Asus support. If latest UNi Xonar drivers aren’t of any help, I suggest you try to get a refund if thats possible.

    I made some progress, installed the UNi Xonar 1814(1815) v1.64 beta in my WinXP pro 32 bit.
    After a windows patch I could install “audactity” and after some experimenting I can now record in stereo! Which is more then I managed with the Asus drivers.
    The panel switch headphone-speakers works too.
    I can generate a sine of 70 kHz with audacity, but when I play that with VLC player it isn’t 70kHz but a much lower frequency.
    Recording with audacity seems to work too in high resolution.
    I have some hope to get it going as I want, what must I do now to fix the sample rate issue with VLC?
    Sample Rate switch v1.2*???


    1. Nyquist theory suggests that in order to reproduce a 70kHz tone, you’d have to sample it at at least 140kHz. I’m not sure that modern consumer sound equipment generally supports sampling rates of greater than 96kHz.

      1. I guess the Xonars are technically supposed to do 192kHz, but I’m not sure if Windows XP supports that. What API are you using to access the sound card?

        1. I know I use 192kHz sample rate the Asus essense comes with a fake test report that shows how beautiful the card should perform….
          Anyway as said I use and that is so far the only piece of software that seems to work now.
          No problem with “generating” any sine wave and it seems to play it too. However for what I want, I need one player and recorder simultaneous.
          VLC doesn’t work with the Asus card, it creates a ghost sound, just like Windows media player and Adobe Audition.
          If I can find a player that can play 192kHz sample rates I will be happy.


  18. Audacity unfortunately doesn’t allow two options running.
    I just tried foobar and recorded 80kHz with audacity, result, A lower frequency is recorded.
    I have to check some more for what is going wrong, it seems to be foobar.
    Anyone a positive experience with an High res audio player for XP?

    1. I can select every setting I want but there is no in or output above 20-22kHz.
      Not even in audacty! I created a sine wave 500Hz to 90000Hz and played it with my Oppo audio player, recorded it with audacity and nothing was recorded above 20kHz.
      Although I stepped from 20kHz to 25 kHz.
      Audacity shows samples at 192kHz but the input seems to be filtered out above 20 or 22 kHz.


  19. You need to use Foobar and install the Kernal Mode pluggin. Then in Foobar choice for Output Device select KS:Asus XONAR “Your Card” Audio.

  20. I’m at my wits end, I’ve been reading and researching for more than a month what’s going on with my system causing this DPC latency problem and a periodic pause of normal desktop functioning (I’ll be typing and everything stops, I can continue typing and what I’ve typed eventually catches up and writes out all at once) after noticing the pops and crackle and static in a game I found this site and have now tried UNi Xonar 1796 v1.54 and UNi Xonar 1813 v1.63 beta and installed in safe mode with cAudio Media Panel and my Regular Essense STX Xonar Audio Center. Currently installed with Low DPC Latency option…. everything is for nothing and my problem persists 😦 I’ve left message after message on various forums and asked for help…. like I say wits end. Running a 980x on an EVGA FTW3 motherboard with two Saphire HD6950’s 2gb and 24 gigs of ram – Win7Pro

    I’ve run LatencyMon and get these results after playing a game and hearing a pop

    Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.

    1. I don’t think your system’s ability to keep up with keystrokes has much to do with DPC latency. You may have bigger issues. Look at what software you have installed and what services you have running, and see if there’s anything you can get rid of. Also, making sure all of your drivers (not just sound and video, but also disk controllers, network adapters, etc.) are up to date.

  21. Just a warning: Parallels Workstation 6 increases DPC latency dramatically.

    I had installed it the other day and apart from the fact that it is below competition (VMware and VirtualBox are far better), it greatly increased the DPC latency. Once I uninstalled it, the DPC latency was back to normal.

    1. you misunderstand, it’s not that my system can’t keep up with its keystrokes, it only happens once in a while ie once or twice per day for a second or two, sometimes I don’t see it at all. the larger problem is the DPC Latency.

  22. New driver is released:
    Xonar Xense driver for Windows 8

  23. Problems concern with Asus Xonar d2X CONVERTER… This part of driver cause latency and sound deterioration (at least on XP), if it is possible to delete this part of driver we could fix the problem definitely.

    … or the solution is to realize a driver mod with the possibility to not install this feature… as well as the other features unixonar installation provides.

  24. Thanks a lot for these drivers. My Asus Xonar Essence STX works on my Windows 7 machine like a charm. I can use my Headset on the front-panel for the first time. The orginal drivers couldn’t activate this function.


    1. Depends on whether they eat with their hands, would like it if they where to live on another planet,and if ever made a joke that no one got but still laughed.
      A vague question answered with an ambiguous answer.

      Now seriously. Supported and not supported cards are listed in the UNi Xonar Features. I don’t have any plans to make modded drivers for the cards in the unsupported list, if by any chance that’s what you are asking.

  25. CarvedInside :
    How do you know this?

    I know this because I’ve installed it without xonar audio converter I’ve halved the latency, checking by DPC LATENCY TIMER program tool.

    I’ve just made my MODDED DRIVER without Xonar d2X converter driver on my own.

    I’m testing it just now.

  26. Hi
    Total noobie here regarding all the audio stuff and I just got my Asus Xonar STX yesterday.
    I just have 1 question. If i have already installed Alexa’s Addon1 mod (DDT4) , do i still need to install the Unified Drivers?
    Everything seems to work now after I installed Alexa’s Addon1 mod so I am just wondering about the Unified Drivers 1.63
    Will i experience any improvement in I install the unified drivers? Lower DPC??


    1. Well its better to install the Uni Xonar drivers then the Addon for DHT4, but weather or not you experience any improvements its up to your configuration and usage. Consider (re)reading the Uni Xonar features.

  27. ColPanic :
    That component is ancient.
    WASAPI Exclusive and ASIO are the modern preferences for that sort of thing.

    Yeah that would be great except XP doesn’t support it because it’s “Ancient”;hence the Kernal Mode link.

  28. Hi,

    I have a problem with my Xonar DGX sound card. For three weeks since I upgraded my pc it all worked wonderfully but now for the last five days the sound starts clicking and popping in games and sooner or later the game lags unplayably before it eventually crashes. This usually happens after the sound of an explosion or other powerful sounds. Will these drivers rectify this or should I throw that ASUS piece of garbage away?

    1. You should try them, I can’t be sure but they might fix the problems . But make sure you keep GX off and also check the FAQ Q&A 9 for recommended settings.
      If it does not help, the problems you are experiencing are from something else or you can trow your card. In this case I recommend to also try uninstalling the card and disable it from device manager(it would show as Multimedia device or something like this) and use the onboard audio to see if you have the same experiences. Or better yet unplug it from the system.

      Hope this helps.

  29. After several tests I have found that installing drivers without converter driver as directly instance, 2 systems speaker are well supported with the lowest latency: max 200 or little more, that’s seem a miracle (at least for me). But issue wait for a while: 5.1 systems have issues when audio is enabled for all speakers changing registry settings, with latency normal support, so to force the unixonar installation and delete from registry system audio converter instances which further reduce latency and make better audio as well. so the better solution for 5.1 system would be to install only audio driver enabling directly 5.1 as happen for all system devices. If you consider xonar as embedded audio system you understand perfectly the concept (no xonar controller, no special features, no additional featuring….) So who has 2 speakers should install the driver by device manager, who has 5.1 system should wait for a modded driver able to enable 5.1 audio during installation.

    1. I understood the part that the converter part of the driver causes higher DPC latency. But I don’t understand what are saying with 5.1 systems.

      About the converter, tell me what did you do to delete that part? If you have deleted something from registry maybe you can share the registry files before and after.

  30. I found a very strange behaviour of adobe flash player while using version 11.3 version and higher. (everything like 11.2 works and lower works correctly). The problem occurs when I’m trying play some videos and sound is played through all 6 channels and I have installed c-media panel without any upmixing option checked. Every other program works correctly what means that number of input channels=number of output channels + bass redirection. As I said reinstalling to older 11.2 immediately fix this.

    1. If I understand it correctly, videos playing in flash are stereo upmixed to 6 channels. Maybe the guys reporting the stereo upmix issue with 1.64 where in fact having the problem you are describing.
      Tell me you OS.

    2. I’m testing just by youtube video… by DPC Latency checker. I’m using 9.10/9.11 dirver which enables youtube hardware accelration on HD3850… other drives have not this features only 9.13. currently I’ve 350-650 latency on youtube video using 5.1 system So perhaps is a video audio bad combination the problem, which averburden the whole system: if I test the physx ageia card on my system without audio it accuse a good latency, while once installed xonar driver the latency increase 3 times.until 1700 instead of 400-500 in test mode (in game xonar and physx card cause minor effect till 300-450 max). Next time I will try to mod driver to install directly 5.1 audio system. During test if video pysx and xonar audio drivers didn’t match also 4000 and above units of latency, but always audio drivers are responsible of this mismatch. Match generates well

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