The case of DPC latency (Part 1)

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25 thoughts on “The case of DPC latency (Part 1)

  1. i kinda wondering, does the latency also high when using foobar on asio output using the normal driver?

  2. I’m getting constant DPC spikes. About every second bar is in the yellow, above 1000. That’s without running any programs in the background. Is this normal?

    1. No, its not normal at all. Try updating your drivers, especially network(wireless, bluetooth, Ethernet) & sound. And if you have some monitoring programs for motherboard & videocard try disabling them.

      1. All my drivers are up to date. I don’t have any monitoring programs. Strangely, despite the spikes, I don’t have any problems playing media either.

      1. Please, write the second part. I really need it. After changing my hardware (all, except the HDD and Xonar D1 soundcard) I started to experience problems with sound. The latence is very bad 😦

        1. I would really want to, but the thing is that I don’t have time for it now. I will eventually write it.
          Some quick tips:
          – update your drivers , try searching for them on the original chip manufacturer and not on the motherboard manufacturer.
          – try updating your motherboard bios
          – disable any motherboard/cpu monitors that autostart with windows (like GigaByte Easy Tune)
          – read this topic , especially the first post.

  3. Asus Xonar D2X on the 1794 drivers, win 7 x64, i7 965 XE. My DPC latency remains in the low green no matter whether I play a game in 5.1 or a movie with DTS in 7.1.

    1. Basically thats ok, I guess motherboard generation plays a big role in this. How low is number wise?
      FYI: Windows 7 has a feature that tries to prevent DPC to raising to high, this lowers network transfer speed (if its active) so that your audio won’t drop out.
      I am pretty sure if you would use UNi Xonar drivers with C-Media Panel your DPC latency would be even lower.

  4. Hi, it fluctuates around 100, give or take 10 or so. I have never had a soundcard ( and I have had just about all of them ) with drivers as unobtrusive, non-bloated and that just work correctly, as the ones Asus provides with this card.

    I understand you have had some DPC latency issues but seriously, if you want some drivers to ridicule, go and buy yourself a Creative soundcard 🙂

    I tried your drivers and the performance is indentical as far as DPC latency goes, sorry, I wish I could say otherwise.

    Thanks for all the effort though, it is always appreciated.

  5. I have managed to reduce DPC latency by around 100 us by disabling features in BIOS like CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E), EIST (SpeedStep) & Cool’n’Quiet. Thanks for the Tips.

    1. In my case disabling just C1E did the trick, it dropped latency from around 200us to 20-24us, it also eliminated sudden spikes in latency (the sound would suddenly hang till i moved the mouse)

  6. “disable any motherboard/cpu monitors that autostart with windows (like GigaByte Easy Tune, Asus AI Probe)” <—-this did the trick for me 🙂 THANKS~

  7. I was fighting against high DPC latency when µTorrent was running, and I finally managed to solve it (or at least a workaround): I set the ‘Maximum upload rate’ inside µTorrent options (‘Bandwidth’ section) to some value other than ‘0’ (in my case exactly ’20’). Now I never get anything higher than 160 µs.

    I hope it helps other people. 🙂

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